My name is Helen, I graduated from The University of Huddersfield  in 1997  with a First Class Bsc (hons) degree in Textile Design.

Having specialised in knitted textiles I spent a few years working as a design assistant in a spinning and dyeing mill, before becoming a mum to three boys.

Nowadays I work as a freelance artist, using a variety of media including paper, paint, fabric, stitching and crochet.

I love to explore colour and texture and collage features heavily in my work in one way or another.

I am inspired by an array of different things, but am especially interested in the beauty of old crumbling derelict buildings and the strangeness and fairytale feel about them. 

I also take a lot of inspiration from traditional fairy stories and children's rhymes. 

In the past I have taken part in small exhibitions and had my work on display in what was the Turnpike gallery.

I produce pieces to sell online and also at local events and craft fairs.

Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time working with children in a school environment, introducing them to new and exciting ways of producing original pieces of artwork and discovering new materials.

I enjoy being able to experiment with ideas and love the way that children react when they create a new piece of work.

It was this that led me to look at offering arts and craft activities at children's birthday parties.

Finding something different for children to do at parties has been a thrice yearly task for myself and when I organised such a party for my son it was a huge hit.

I love that children can discover art in a fun environment  and create pieces that they are really proud of to take home.

I am always working to develop new ideas both in my own work and for the children to participate in during parties and workshops